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    Essence Du Désert

    Barbary Fig Seeds Oil has been used for centuries to protect the skin against environmental aggressors. Now, this little-know secret of the resistance of Barbary fig in the desert is a key ingredient in the powerful Essence Of The Desert formula. Combining Rose hips flower with Barbary fig, almond and germ oils, the active-agent complex is set within a honey base for luxurious cosmetic care, which safeguards against the elements, pollutants and cell erosion.
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    Secret de L’Ocre

    The earth and it’s ‘’OCRE’’ color, is the source of life in Africa ,the harmony of Body & Nature is the Essence of African Lifestyle, that inspired ORIENKA to design the body skin care line by using secrets of body firmer and tonicity of African local people! Orienka Paris body treatments are based on the key ingredient shea butter - an ivory-colored salve extracted from the nut of the African shea tree.