As a child I instinctively knew the plants of my native heritage through everyday herbalism practiced by my mother and her mother and relatives. Plants were the “Peoples Medicine” where remedies were compounded as needed and passed down from generation to generation. They were also used for beauty treatments since there was no difference between health and beauty. Health IS Beauty. YES…in my home the beauty products was Simply a « collection of Nutrient », oils as cleanser, Argil as masks… This indigenous heritage inspired me to Create my own artisan factory for extracting the Purest and richest ingredients, such as Barbary Fig Seeds Oil The Pro-aging Revolution”, that integrates and uplifts joyful local Tunisian women - a source of life and economic support for their family and country–to thrive « In my native heritage This rare oil has been used by generations for women to protect the skin from the harsh affects of dry and windy deserts ». With a passion for pure ingredients and my mother as inspiration – a woman who designed tailor –made couture for her own family, “I wanted to develop a range of products that bring together the very best in skin care ingredients that are designed to nourish, replenish and hydrate the skin”. Collaborating with French Eco-laboratory Over the past few years, we have put love and care into bringing and turning these unique desert plants into formulations. The result is a beautiful line of authentic & effective organic skin care products for women and everyone else. The exclusive, artisan made collection is EcoCert certified organic. “The Orienka organic Haut Couture range is exactly what I wanted for myself, the products represent my balanced lifestyle, my beliefs & love of indigenous plants. All inspired me to embark and create the first luxury organic skincare brand Responsibly made in France inspired from the evidence based wellness of my heritage, through wild crafted & 100% natural ingredients.”